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About Vancouver Elite Outreach

 Vancouver Elite Outreach (VEO) is a program that is designed to address a variety of needs by creating opportunities for the youth in our community. Our goal is to start a leadership program that will teach the youth invaluable skills such as teamwork, leadership, hard-work, confidence, determination, and self-worth through mentorship. The focus of the program is to meet the youth right where they are at. We want mentors who have experienced adversity and can relate to where the youth are coming from. We want to create an atmosphere where the youth feel secure in working with mentors and safe in expressing themselves. 

The major part of the program called "Open Up Your Blindside" is specifically designed to create an environment where the individual strives to be the best version of themselves. Vancouver Elite Outreach embraces diversity. We believe that through adversity, individuals can build a better you, better mind, and better lifestyle. We cultivate and enhance the individual to want to be the best version of themselves through loving the process and teaching self-control.

Their lack of motivation and focus stems from neglect, lack of education, and being able to find success in "negative" opportunities. Our goal is to create that same "pride" found in negative success, by promoting positive possibilities. Our solution to their mental stumbling blocks and "easy way out" is simply VEO.

Vancouver Elite Outreach was created because we saw a lack of mentorship, support, and guidance for the youth. We saw youth that didn't have self worth and were looking at two future options: jail or sports. Our focus is to empower the youth to better themselves and become young men and women of excellence. 

VEO will focus primarily on ages 11-18, but we invite young adults to mentor the youth. We feel this age range is ideal for mentorship and perfect for the foundational years. 

Gradually, VEO will establish an environment that will be an invaluable opportunity for youth to enhance their lives, aspiring mentors, and ultimately promoting positive change for the community. We want youth to see their worth and value as they grow into their life purpose, and take risks while discovering their dreams. We want to see them live out their passion as we save one kid at a time. 

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