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Volunteer Staff Bios


Royal E Qualey Jr

Rebecca Qualey

Matthew Young - Founder/Mentor


Have you ever wished to have your father and mother around during the most important  moments in your life, such as a simple a basketball game? Have you ever had to experience coming home and your mother is not there because she is too busy or works very long hours. 

Have you ever thought about how many kids in America are alone and what they go through every day? Majority of our youth in the United States have parents that are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and surrounded by nothing but negative things.  Kid’s definitions of a good life are gangs, drugs and jail. What can we do to help our future ambassadors? 

It all started on June 12th, 1989. I was always a kid who loved life, family, and just having a good time, even though I was always pretending to be happy as if everything was ok. Hurt, emptiness and let downs were my sincere feelings.


I am here as your mentor that has been in the shoes you are standing in, and for those struggles that I have not yet encountered let me understand and lets us work together and open up all of our blind sides. I am here to listen, I am here to help kids know their identity to help shorten categories out in the world let us change:  The HURT < LOVE.  The JUDGMENT < FRIENDSHIP.  The PUT DOWNS < ENCOURAGMENT.  The DISRESPECT < RESPECTING ONE ANOTHER.  We are in charge of our attitudes. Our future is the children.  So, HELP US HELP THEM.

The focus of the program is to meet the youth right where they are at.  We want mentors who have either walked in their shoes or ones who are able to understand where the youth are coming from. Providing an atmosphere that the youth feel secure in working with the mentors and safe in expressing themselves. This part of the program is called “open up your blind side”. It is specifically designed to create an environment where the individual strives to be the best version of themselves.

I am an animal and people person. Rebecca and I have been married for 19 years, and have many animals on 5 acres in La Center. I enjoy most sports and usually I give new things a try. I’ve worked in restaurants, furniture stores, USPS for a short time and then as a janitor for 16 years. The passion in my heart is to serve. I’m volunteering at the Lord’s Gym, Food Bank, and Senior Assisted Living Facilities. I’m thankful for every opportunity to love others just where they're at.

I have a passion in my heart to share Love, Time, and Consistency everywhere I’m lead to go. Royal and I have been married for 19 years and enjoy volunteering to uplift other in their life journey. Some of my hobbies are horseback riding, hiking, playing basketball, loving all of our animals, and meeting new walks of life. We have enjoyed our lives seeing all that we continue to do and want others to know and feel love, too.

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